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Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK

Pete Scott Typhoon Orchestra Model

Handmade guitar by Terry Docherty UK Typhoon modelHandmade guitar by Terry Docherty UK Typhoon modelHandmade guitar by Terry Docherty UK Typhoon model

I have known and admired the talents of  singer / songwriter / performer Pete Scott, for some 40 years now. Little wonder then, that I was both honoured and delighted to be asked to make him a guitar.  Pete had used Wally Bell’s Mistral during his tour of the Pacific North-West in 2010 and had liked it so much that he was keen to have me make something similar. We talked a lot about body shapes and sizes and about different materials and in the end, Pete chose to have his guitar made with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with a Bearclaw Sitka spruce top from stock which I’d imported from Alaska. Excellent taste. Brazilian is widely regarded as the producing some of the best guitars ever and with a spectacular top-wood that looks like its on fire, I’d no doubt that this could be something quite special. Pete was happy to take my advice on size, shape and body depth and so we agreed on this Typhoon OM. Knowing Pete’s guitar style and performance requirements, I also recommended that it be fitted with L R Baggs new, top of the range Anthem system of which so much had recently been written. Neither he nor I were disappointed in the end result but I prefer to let Pete tell you in his own words, what he thinks about that and his new guitar in general.

( The Anthem is the first truly mic-centric amplification system which utilises a state- of- the- art microphone located directly under the saddle, along with an under-saddle transducer, the latter being employed only to boost the lower frequencies. The sound is quite staggering and as close to a pure acoustic sound at volume without feedback, that I’ve ever heard.) Granted they are not cheap but true quality seldom is.)

A couple of years ago I did some gigs in the U.S in and around Seattle. The guy who organised everything for me, told  me not to risk my Taylor on the plane as he had a guitar I could borrow.

I was a bit dubious about this but I went along with it and found myself using the best  guitar I had ever played. He told me it was made by Terry Docherty.

I had known Terry for a long time but I had never held one of his guitars and I resolved then to have him make one for me. The guitar I played in the States is now the second best guitar I’ve ever played.

Terry designed my new  guitar to suit my fingerpicking style and gave me a choice of woods to use He talked about every detail.  I’m  not up on the technical stuff , I go on how a guitar feels and sounds and this guitar feels and sounds better than any guitar I have ever touched.

Pete Scott September 2011

Handmade Guitars UK by Terry Docherty