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Guitar prices:
Indian rosewood with western red cedar top - £3,300
Indian rosewood with bearclaw sitka spruce top -  £3,300
Indian rosewood with German or Adirondack spruce top - £3,550 

For Cocobolo, Brazilian rosewood, or specific custom features not mentioned here, please contact me directly and I will be happy to supply you with an individual quotation. The same applies to alternative tonewoods not mentioned here as I am not restricted to just those which I hold as stock timbers.

Guideline Carved Arch-top Cittern prices:
Indian rosewood with carved cedar top: £3000
Indian rosewood with carved sitka spruce top £3150
Indian rosewood with carved European or Adirondack spruce top £3200 
Similar prices apply to carved arch-top octave mandola and bouzouki.

Guitar-bodied cittern and bouzouki:  
(Please see Guitar prices for a rough guide.) 
These instruments are generally made with Venetian cutaway in either right or left-handed modes and therefore 7.5% should be added to the guitar prices above although they can be easily made as non-cutaway versions but as with everything else, it is your specifications which matter most and which may determine the final cost.

Price information:
Prices vary according to the materials used and aren’t necessarily restricted to those materials shown on the site.  I have certainly made a lot of instruments using a combination of Indian Rosewood and German Spruce and still do, as together they produce wonderful instruments but I’m very happy in using a range of quality tone-woods. For instance, I currently hold good stocks of dry and well seasoned Adirondack Spruce (Eastern Red Spruce) as well as German Spruce and Western Red Cedar.

Adirondack Spruce is the stuff that the legendary pre war Martin’s were made from and which was harvested out, forcing companies like Martin to move over to Sitka Spruce, itself a decent top wood but a poor substitute for Adirondack, which is stiffer than anything I’ve ever come across and a very desirable quality to have in a guitar top.

I have good stocks of Indian Rosewood and  limited stocks of very old Brazilian Rosewood and have recently purchased some beautifully figured  Cocobolo from Stefan Sobell, which is both old and extremely dry.

I’m therefore able to offer some special guitars built of combinations of special materials and you may well get a pleasant surprise when you enquire about prices.

My prices are not affected by body size and I don’t charge extra for “lefties”

I do charge 7.5% extra for single cutaway models and a similar extra charge for slotted and bound headstocks and bound fingerboards.

I’m happy to talk to you about your requirements and to provide you with an individual quotation for different instruments and materials.

Transducers and other on-board amplification systems of your choice, are charged for separately though I make no extra charge for the actual fitting of them.

Handmade Guitars by
Terry Docherty
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