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Hand Made Guitar UK By Terry Docherty

New J50

Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK New J50Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK New J50Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK New J50Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK New J50Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK New J50Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK New J50Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK New J50

A custom copy of Gibson’s J50 steel string guitar. It is in fact the blond headed version of the iconic J45 which first made an appearance in the 1940’s and is still in production today. A dark sunburst finish was used on the J45 at a time when good materials were scarce and the sunburst was used to hide flaws in the wood but the blonde J50 signalled the use of better grade materials.

This guitar was commissioned by local guitar maniac, Mike Slaughter. Mike’s a great performer who knows a thing or two about guitars and he also knows what he likes so after some deliberation, he asked me to make him this guitar as the twin to his J45 which he loves so much and to which I recently fitted a Fishman Matrix Infinity under-saddle transducer system. The J50 has the same system installed.

  "Terry has shown again why he is a luthier to be reckoned with. His latest J50 acoustic guitar is all that a great acoustic should be. His many years of experience coupled with his choice of the best woods has resulted in an exquisite guitar which anyone would be proud to own and play.
     When you look at all the key factors of intonation, playability, set up of nut, neck/fretboard and bridge saddle, I just couldn’t fault it anywhere. This guitar has a balanced sound over all the strings and it will just get better as the years go by. It already has a full rich tone and all the volume you would need.
     What more can I say? I think it stands up there with the best and I’ve been playing and handling high end acoustic guitars and mandolins for over 30 years and I do have a very critical eye.
     Just talking guitars with Terry makes you realise the wealth of knowledge he has of the complexities of working with wood.     Can’t wait to see his current commission of a custom  cedar cutaway when it’s finished (body looks great) and his take on a 1930s style Martin C3 which a USA customer  has ordered."

Jimmy Powells,
March 2011

"Absolutely flawless build quality. Thoughtful, beautiful materials, outstanding volume, tone, clarity and projection.

Put simply it looks the part, plays the part and sounds the part. If you're even thinking about investing in a personal custom guitar, immediately add Terry to your "absolutely must go-to" guitar guys.One very satisfied, very fortunate and very grateful customer from start to finish"

Mike Slaughter

Handmade Guitars UK by Terry Docherty

I first saw this guitar when I visited Terry’s workshop to have a repair done to another guitar a few years ago. Its sheer beauty stayed in my mind and when I was in a position to revisit Terry it was still available. I played it again and was just as impressed with the balance of tones and the ease of playing as before. The amazing artistry and skill in the mix of woods used and the quality of the decoration were even more impressive on second viewing.  I didn’t walk away again and I’m happier for it – they say you only regret the things you didn’t do and I’m really pleased I did this! I play it every day  - well it’s difficult to put down – and I love the fullness when using open tunings.  The sustain is actually amazing! I’m still playing it in but that is no hardship – after I persuaded Terry to swap to extra light strings to save my fingers! Personally I feel it makes the guitar even more expressive and lets it speak softly when needed. So a daily pleasure without guilt and just joy is a real treat for me – thanks Terry!

Undrell Moore

Terry Docherty Handmade Guitar Terry Docherty Handmade Guitar Terry Docherty Handmade Guitar

J50 round shouldered Dreadnought in East Indian rosewood with an Adirondack spruce top.