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Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty

The Doctor

Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK The DoctorHand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK The DoctorHand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK The DoctorHand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK The DoctorHand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK The Doctor

I named this after the famous wind that makes living bearable in the intense heat of the Fremantle region of Western Australia, and because I co-incidentally built the proto-type to the specifications of local GP and “ragtime and blues-head”, Doctor John Campbell (that's him on the right on a recent visit to my home. It was good to see both John and the guitar after several years and I was pleased to see that both of them are bearing up extremely well)  

The guitar to the left and below belongs to Barrie Temple, he of “Barrie and Ingrid Temple - fame” who festival goers around the country will know for their superb harmony singing and traditional song accompaniment. Barrie happens to be a “foot-doctor” or podiatrist/chiropodist to be more accurate, so he’s close.

That fine singer, Mal Waite of Chester, also plays one of these and as she is definitely not a member of the medical profession, the purchase of one of these little beauties is officially open to anyone, regardless of their day job, if they have one.

These guitars are really “punchy” and with a level of volume disproportionate to their relatively small sound-boxes. The “12 fret-to-the-body” version has the same characteristics and they are each, aesthetically pleasing instruments to the eye with the 12 fretter having very much the same pleasing proportions that I think all 12 fret guitars possess with the waist, sound-hole and bridge positioned further down the diaphragm toward the tail of the instrument. They are meant to be very much in the mode of those classic, smaller bodied parlour guitars which C.F. Martin & Co. pioneered but they are specifically of OO dimensions. I have not as yet, ever made a guitar smaller than “The Doctor”.

 The true purists can have slotted headstocks and/or pyramid-type bridges if they so desire and these are available at a modest extra charge.  

The guitar is fabulous.  It's always been a joy to
play but the sound is really maturing beautifully.  
I get so many comments on it and I'm very
proud of my 'baby'
Mal Waite

Hand Made Guitar by Terry Docherty UK The Doctor

"The best £**** I ever spent"
John Campbell

Handmade Guitars UK by Terry Docherty